Mistral PR - the story behind the name

Mistral takes its name from the invigorating and refreshing wind that blows across the snow-capped Alps and down into the Rhône Valley, bringing with it clear, sunny weather. In the French language it means ‘masterly’ and in the same spirit we energise, refresh, transform and clarify our clients' communications, whatever their goals may be.

Other famous winds throughout the world include:

  • Bora: Adriatic, Greece, Russia, Turkey
  • Brickfielder: Australia
  • Chinook: Western USA and Canada
  • Föhn: Central Europe (the Alps)
  • Halny: Carpathian mountains
  • Hamsin: Middle East
  • Harmattan: West Africa
  • Monsoon: South Asia
  • Santa Ana: Southern California
  • Sirocco: North Africa and Southern Europe


what's your interest?

what's your interest?

What we can do for you

We deliver bespoke campaigns that will drive you forward on the winds of change. Meet us and you'll understand why an objective, innovative approach to public relations or to integrated communications could be the breath of fresh air that you need right now.

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