About Mistral

Mistral PR takes its name from the invigorating and refreshing wind that blows across the snow-capped Alps and down into the Rhône Valley. In the same spirit we energise, refresh and transform our clients' communications with their respective audiences – internal or external.
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Cross-sector skills and experience

We're the first and only communications consultancy to focus our full attention on the built environment, natural environment, food chain and rural sectors – and the interactions between them – enabling us to see the big picture.

Long-term relationships

Whether working on long-term contracts or shorter-term projects, we take pride in developing lasting relationships with our clients and networks. We’ve enjoyed 20-year client relationships in the food chain and 10-years-plus in the built environment. We aim to exceed expectations for every client.

Big enough to do the job, small enough to care

We deliver the results expected from a specialist consultancy, a member of the Public Relations Consultants Association, with the comfort and ease of an in-house resource. To do this we rely on our blend of knowledge and skills to suit each client, ensuring quality results every time.

We’ll be innovative about your communications

When you choose a consultancy, you want a team of people that can inject some innovative thinking, vitality and creativity into the mix. Our staff has chosen consultancy life because our people thrive on being proactive and rising to the next challenge.

We deliver

Consultancies that can come up with campaigns that work on paper are not hard to find. Mistral is reliable, delivers value for money and is quality-driven. The consultancy was the very first to win the PRCA Consultancy Management Standard. The results speak for themselves.

Integrated, innovative solutions

Some clients find Mistral’s integrated communications approach particularly useful. Those with tight resources find one-stop-shopping from Mistral and its partners a boon. From market research through direct communications, public relations, advertising, corporate and product image, you can buy in the support you need from Mistral and its partners to help reach your corporate or commercial objectives.


what's your interest?

what's your interest?

What we can do for you

We deliver bespoke campaigns that will drive you forward on the winds of change. Meet us and you'll understand why an objective, innovative approach to public relations or to integrated communications could be the breath of fresh air that you need right now.

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